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Healthy Start Local Programs

Healthy Start provides services to clients throughout the region. See the sidebar for the phone number of the Healthy Start office in your county.

Coalition Staff

Healthy Start of North Central Florida Coalition is an Affiliate Partner of WellFlorida Council, a private, nonprofit organization and local health council for North Central Florida. WellFlorida provides program management services, such as fiscal administration, staffing and marketing to its affiliates, including two Healthy Start coalitions. For a complete listing of Healthy Start staff, please visit WellFlorida’s website.


Staffing for Healthy Start of North Central Florida Coalition is supported by our Affiliate Partner WellFlorida Council. Visit www.wellflorida.org to learn of current employment opportunities.

Board of Directors

2020-2021 Officers

President – Roseann Fricks
Vice President – Sharon Surrency
Treasurer – Cathy Winfrey
Secretary – Lauren Pierson

Roseann Fricks, President
Community Organization

Sharon Surrency, Vice President
Community Organization

Cathy Winfrey, Treasurer
Community Organization

Lauren Pierson, Secretary
Community Organization

Ann-Marie Fenn

Chris Schreier
Community Organization

Deepthi Satheesa Varma
Community Organization

Cassandra Young
Community Organization