What is Healthy Start?

Healthy Start legislation provides for universal risk screening of all Florida’s pregnant women and newborn infants to identify those at risk for poor birth, health and
developmental outcomes.

The Program involves a holistic approach to maternal and child
health, encompassing service planning, community involvement,
funding and provision of services.

Who can receive Healthy Start services?

ALL pregnant women regardless of their marital,
economic or immigration status are eligible
to participate in the Healthy Start program
if they are at high risk for poor pregnancy
outcomes.This includes postpartum women
and their newborns up to age 3.

How much does it cost?

Healthy Start is a free program offered in the state of Florida. It is available to all pregnant women and families with babies up to age 3.

How do I enroll in Healthy Start?

As soon as you think you may be pregnant, schedule a visit with your obstetrician or health care provider. During this initial visit, ask for the Healthy Start Prenatal Risk Screen. This is a simple one-page questionnaire that is completed by you and your medical provider. The answers to these questions are kept confidential and are used only to provide the best possible care for you and your baby. It’s as easy as that and it’s up to you! Just say YES to the screen! OR, call your local Healthy Start Program.

Is Healthy Start for babies too?

Yes. Before you go home from the hospital or birth center, ask your nurse if your baby has received a Healthy Start Postnatal Infant Screening. This questionnaire can uncover factors that could affect your health or the baby’s growth and development during the very important first year of life.

What if I don’t need any help?

Even if you don’t have problems or the desire to use the Healthy Start services, completing the Healthy Start screen at your doctor or midwife’s office will be helpful in gathering the data and funding necessary to improve the system of care for ALL moms and babies in North Central Florida.

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